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Producer of Premium Quality
Log Cabins

   With modern technology machinery  production. Huge range of available  houses for our customers in    
Greece and Cyprus.

Welcome to OikosDecor

Most of our production is exported to Greece,The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and UK. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.


We are manufacturers of wooden log houses and log cabins, which are made using profiled interlocking beams. Interlocking constructions are easily and fast assembled using minimum equipment and labor. Historically interlocking structures are originated from Eastern and Northern Europe, so our experience in making wooden structures is long and time-tested.

Kiln Dried Nordic Spruce

We carefully source wet timber from the best suppliers. After arriving at our premises we dry the timber in our own drying chambers. This way we have full control over the quality of our raw material. As wall thicknesses we can offer 28mm for smaller cabins, 44mm and 68mm for bigger cabins. Also its possible to order bigger houses with 88mm laminated timber.

Doors and Windows from Laminated Pine

We produce our own doors and windows and only use laminated pine in our production. Our doors and windows are of excellent quality. We mainly produce “Premium” quality doors and windows, however “economy” can be offered as well. Houses with at least 44mm wall thickness are always delivered with ISO glass.

Standard and Custom Models

We have a large collection of standard models, but also have designers working full time making custom projects. Using our online tool CabinPlanner sales of custom sized houses is become as easy as selling standard models. Every week we produce various custom projects, and thanks to our CabinPlanner tool we manage to be more competitive.

Featured Products

Most of our production is exported to the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Germany. Currently we have over 50 employees and growing each year. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

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An Amazing Tool To Quickly Design Bespoke Cabins

  • Design your cabin with our web application and know instantly the price.
  • Possibility to draw walls and terraces.
  • Place doors and windows exactly where you want.
  • Add insulation for roof and floor if you wish so.
  • See in realtime all 4 sideviews of the house you are designing.
  • When finished, the application can generate a PDF you can give to your customer as a quotation.

Oikos Decor

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